Praise and Reviews
“You or Someone Like You is a must-read for any book group…but the book group plot constitutes only one of the unfolding stories in this smart novel which is, primarily, a very tough reflection on the idea of “group-ness” itself-who’s in and who’s out; who’s considered a full person and who’s not. You or Someone Like You is sure to stir up controversy because it doesn’t just stick to the safe pieties of descrying discrimination in terms of race or gender; instead, it confronts what it sees as a more socially-acceptable form of discrimination practiced by organized religion-specifically here, Judaism. Chandler Burr’s provocative new novel weighs in on the issue of identity politics and also makes a powerful case for why great books are a great danger to small minds.”

“The highbrow humanist name-dropping book of the summer.”
— New York Magazine  Read the full review

“In his first, well crafted and thoroughly enjoyable novel, New York Times scent critic Chandler Burr presents a sweeping spectrum, set in Hollywood, of contemporary religious and social issues...it is well worth the read.”
— Jewish Book World

“[Burr’s] field work serves the novel well, with depictions of Los Angeles culture that feel spot-on...It’s a genuine thrill to read what people like Albert Brooks, to give just one of many examples, might think of Jude the Obscure...”
— Time Out New York  Read the full interview

" ..[An] ambitious debut novel..."You or Someone Like You" may be set in Hollywood, but it is a serious book: it suggests the literary scope of Harold Bloom and the thematic concerns of Bernard Malamud...Mr. Burr may be the scent critic for the New York Times, but the ideas he tackles in his novel are hardly airy confections..."
— Wall Street Journal

“You Or Someone Like You is a pitch-perfect, often very funny novel about why, in this crazy world, we still bother to read. It’s for anyone who defiantly clings to the belief that a book can change our lives.”
— David Ebershoff, author of The 19th Wife and The Danish Girl

“Smart, literate, and humane, Chandler Burr’s debut novel deftly melds an entertaining tour through a Who’s Who of Hollywood and the culture of the moment with an original investigation into the timeless themes of great literature and the painful, private fault lines of deep marital love. In the process, he creates a heroine that few readers will forget.”
— John Burnham Schwartz, author of THE COMMONER and RESERVATION ROAD

“A savvy novel that deals with Hollywood from a cultural rather than a tabloid perspective.”
— Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“A true celebration of intellect…examines the personal decision each of us must make to run from, or embrace, our identity.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Stunningly, achingly vivid.”
— Wunderkammer Magazine, 5/11/09